flexunit pure as3

flexunit pure as3

UIImpersonator - FlexUnit.
flexunit.swc in tags/1.0.5/libs – PureMVC MultiCore Framework for.

flex-unit - FishEye and Crucible - Bojinx.
Spring Actionscript [Archive] - Spring Community Forums.
For a few last weeks im playing with Flex and AS3. So, im using Flex SDK 3 with IDEA. flexunit with pure ActionScript project in Flex Builder 3.
The FlexUnit PureMVC unit test The PureMVC FlexUnit Testing Project is already quite Old (Last Update was June. View; import org.puremvc.as3.interfaces.
I'm running FlexUnit4 within a Flash Builder 4 project (using Flex 3.5). The application I am testing is pure AS3. To sum it up, FlexUnit seems to be running " old".

Adobe Community: Forum: FlexUnit Development.

loading progress bar in AS3 project compiled with Flex post tracker.
license.txt. version.txt. flexunit.swc. PureMVC_AS3_2_0_4.swc. PureMVC_AS3_UnitTests.mxml. ProxyTest.as. org.puremvc.as3.patterns.proxy. ObserverTest.as.
ThunderBoltImportant update: Source of ThunderBolt AS3 and its Console have . FlexUnit 4 XML Report allow pure ActionScript 3 developers to retreives unit.
1 Nov 2010. You can even build pure as3 projects if you wanna.. Morning guys. > > Velo has offered to help the FlexUnit team migrate their build scripts.
FlexUnit was created by Digital Primates as an open source product for the Flex ... Robotlegs is a pure AS3 micro-architecture (framework) with a light footprint.
Create and manage categories in FlexUnit Development. .. peymanpakzad · How to use TestRunnerBase in pure AS3 / no MXML, 342, 1, 1 year ago by.
flexunit with pure ActionScript project in Flex Builder 3. If you create a pure ActionScript project. I am using as3-signals for my custom. flex flexunit mockolate.

flexunit pure as3

flash - Most useful ActionScript packages / libraries - Stack Overflow.

bojinx-test-harness-pure-as3/ · bojinx-test-harness-web/. bojinx-example-pure- actionscript/. flexunit-flexcoverlistener-4.1.0-33-
25 Oct 2010. Having done a few AIR for Android applications using AS3 without the flex. It is a raw pure form of ActionScript that presents you with a blank canvas. Today I will talk about the most direct way of using Flex Unit 4 with your.
These are the unit tests ported from the current PureMVC AS3/Standard Version. All tests pass and we get a green bar. This is actually much cleaner because.
28 Oct 2011. Provide a cross platform API (Pure AS3, Flex, AIR); Tip #6: Reduce.  BuilderProfiler - Tools Rate Flash Benchmark 4.1 System FlexUnit 8:.

20 x Tips to better Optimize your Flash content.
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